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Full Stack Online Marketer

A little bit about me…

Born in Manhattan Beach, Calif., Michael Langell has lived across the country from California to Philadelphia and in between. Michael has attended private and public schools throughout his upbringing and eventually moved back to California.

In 2004, Michael began to work for Multax Systems, an engineer recruiting company, where he recruited for large engineering corporations and was trained to perform basic IT maintenance within the office. In 2005, Michael began to train part time with Sound Installations to install 12-volt car systems. In 2006 he went full time with Sound Installations and began installing low-voltage commercial and residential sound and automation systems, as well as gaining project management and employee management skills.

It was during this time that Michael was able to learn automation programming and basic networking skills to be applied to the current business. In 2007, business slowed for Sound Installations and Michael moved his career to Systems Design Group where he became their Lead Installer/IT Technician. At this point he was working part-time for Sound Installations and full-time with Systems Design Group.

In 2009, Michael decided to further his growth by attending college and studying Business and Marketing. In April, he moved to Salt Lake City, UT, where he was accepted into the University of Utah. During his time Michael became active within the University of Utah by joining the College Republicans and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity where he further developed his leadership skills.

Originally Michael began to study finance and decided to change his major to mass communication with an emphasis strategic communication which involved marketing, PR, advertising, and campaign design/management. While attending college he was employed by S&S Roofing as the IT director and marketing consultant, as well as a part-time systems admin for the University of Utah Humanities College.

After graduating Michael interned with PoleVault, a marketing firm, and Alphagraphics a print and marketing company. After 5 months of interning, Polevault offered Michael a full time position in their marketing department where he continued to grow in a range of marketing and technology skills, from development to advertising and anything in between.

In 2015, Michael became the Director of Marketing for Cege, a performance marketing company focusing on insurance lead generation. He oversaw all lead generation, advertising, and traffic. With his previous experience in SEO, web design and paid advertising experience, he has excelled in building a network of websites for the senior, insurance and legal verticals. Michael took Cege from running a daily loss to sustainable lead selling business through affiliate and internal generation.

Michael accepted a position with Stroops Fitness in 2017 as their Director of Online Marketing. In the first few months he has doubled their websites conversion rates and has planned a year long marketing plan with quarterly KPI’s to further grow the company’s revenue.

Michael is one of the most gifted marketing masters I know. We struggled as a company in our marketing efforts until Mike came in and took charge. He is a solid leader and a self-motivated, “get it done” type of guy.

Eric Berry

Chief Technology Officer, Cege Media